Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Princeton is About to Buzz: The Electro-Music Chamber Orchestra Returns

What’s the buzz about? After a wired holiday celebration last December, the Electro-Music Chamber Orchestra returns to Sarnoff Corporation's Auditorium on Saturday, March 15th with its mountains of synthesizers, keyboards, sequencers, gizmos, gadgets, and electro-gear. Doors open at 7:00 PM for this ear- and eye-expanding event, with refreshments provided by Grovers Mill Coffee and McCaffrey's bakery. Admission is $10.00 for the general public; paying Friends of the David Sarnoff Library and students 18 and under with a valid school ID receive a five dollar discount.

This time around the infamous, mutating orchestra personnel have been hand-picked by founders Howard Moscovitz and Greg Waltzer. During the first half of the evening, various members will perform short sets of electrifying compositions before returning in the second half as the full Chamber Orchestra in a sizzling celebration of Spring.

The audience will meet Fringe Element, a quartet of electro-musicians: Michael Victor, Greg Waltzer, Jose Murcia and James Lacey. Their wholly spontaneous creations will lead everyone out of the ordinary and into a world of unpredictable, flowing soundscapes. Their two CDs, Rampant Biology and Organic Chemistry are available at electro-music.com. Another of the evening’s permutations will see Greg Waltzer leave the Fringe to build lush, ambient sonic constructs with partners Howard Moscovitz and Bill Fox. Together, they become the resonant force called Xeroid Entity. The evening’s mutations continue with Howard freed of the trio to perform solo, bringing us deep into the reverberating harmonies and silences of his own universe. He’ll then be joined by thereminist Kip Rosser (Remember the theremin? The electronic instrument that’s played without being touched!). The duo will present their dreamy, evocative improvisations, soon to be released on their CD, Exploration of the Black Exterior. The metamorphosis will be completed in the evening’s second half, as all personnel become the Electro-Music Chamber Orchestra. Their composition will be an entirely new experiment in which the music is “conducted” by utilizing a complex numbering system, under the direction of Howard Moscovitz.

This feast for the ears is also going to be a banquet for the eyes. State-of-the-art visuals will send the audience on a parallel trip presented by Azimuth Visuals. The premiere diva of computer-generated abstract images, animations, and original artwork, Hong Waltzer will be processing and mixing video in real time. Inspired by the music being created onstage, her dynamic collages bring even more depth to the musical oceans.

Perfect for young and old, electronic music enthusiasts and traditional music-lovers alike, this is a great occasion to treat aspiring musicians to sights and sounds they’ve never experienced before. Don’t miss this evening of boundary-breaking music making. Get a real buzz, and kick off Spring with the Electro-Music Chamber Orchestra!

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